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Qfiber was engineered with two things in mind: 1) SCIENCE 2) CONVENIENCE

Our engineers knew Qfiber could be used by anyone, but it was especially created with the everyday athlete in mind. The everyday athlete puts their body out there on the line, taking risks, sustaining blows, and doing what it takes to reach their own personal finish line. The aftermath often involves tenderness, soreness, tightness, fatigue, and/or pain. Qfiber accelerates recuperation, revitalizing your body and giving you the vigor to keep on playing.

SCIENCE   Qfiber contains high tech far infrared carbon fiber fabric, as well as a layer that contains essential elements that are emitted into the body when heated. As explained in detail in the product information section, infrared provides an unmatched therapeutic advantage for recuperating injuries and fending off pain.

CONVENIENCE   Qfiber provides a user with the ultimate freedom and convenience to use Qfiber wraps, in the car via a car charger, at home with a wall charger, on the go with a lightweight battery, and at the computer with a USB adaptor.

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